i-systems release – version 4.2

We have introduced another update of our software, along with meaningful changes and improvements in system’s structure. Changelog consists of 57 records, among which we can find: discount politics, Allegro multi variants, plugin to BZ WBK transfers’ import, as well as moving components from individual repositories to main repository.

Discount Politics

The idea of the key module – Discount Politics – is to provide one point where other modules can report discounts. This module allows to manage discounts in the store globally, by creating connections between discounts and discount hierarchy, as well as fixing the method of calculating discounts. Thanks to the module, each discount can be calculated in a different way on each item in the cart, and discount chain can be broken, so they do not overlap.

There are two basic kinds of discounts: percentage and price discount. Price discount requires fixed price and currency symbol. Percentage discount is basically a percentage. From the delegate level it is possible to give a discount on the cart in different ways:

• Global discount – it is given similarly as any other discount. This is the amount / value we want to subtract from the entire cart. Because of the accounting reasons it can not be subtracted from the total value of the cart. Therefore it is spread over all the possible products uniformly,
• Mass discount – it allows to give a discount for groups of cart’s elements, not the whole cart itself,
• Weight and Volume Discount – it lowers only the prices of shipment, depending on the cart’s weight

The main objective of the discount politics module is to manage logistics of the price choice.

Allegro multi variants

Improving Allegro multi variants option resulted in customer’s ability to choose the size of the product that is to be purchased. Earlier, a single auction was made for one size and a seller had to create a lot auctions for given product. Thanks to this solution, auction costs are much lower, as there is only one auction needed to sell multiple sizes of the same product.

Adding integration with Expert Sender

An integration with external Expert Sender system has been added, which allows to send personalized e-mails and mailing campaigns on the basis of data about abandoned carts, signing up to the newsletter, and placed orders. Thanks to this integration, mailing campaigns are automated, which saved customer’s time, he would normally dedicate to create mailings.  

Plugin to BZ WBK transfers’ import

There is a new possibility to import data about transfers from BZ WBK bank. This module allows to automatically indicate payments for an order placed in the store. Properly paid orders will be automatically marked as paid.

Adding information about the domain to the order

Now orders save an information about domain they have been placed on. Thanks to this, communication of the customer is carried out continuously on the same domain. It is important, especially in case of the stores with language versions on subdomains. This increases the credibility of the store and the safety of shopping online.

Components in the repository’s main branch

The most important novelty introduced to the software is transferring components to the main repository of the store. Previously, the components were external repositories, which made changes took more time. Along with the new release, component’s code was added to the main repository, thus the whole app is in one place, showing all changes. Another advantage is shorter time needed to built an app. Currently, while downloading an app we have a complete, working store, which is much faster and more efficient.

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