The summary of Q3 2018 at i-systems

The previous quarter at i-system was highlighted by the new organization of teams which were transformed into contexts. This directly influenced the change in our approach to the design and development of the e-commerce systems. Here is an overview of Q3, which is a collection of the most important news from the life of i-systems.

New projects

Despite summer holidays, we have initiated several new projects as well as moved to the final stages in a few of those already underway. One of the highlights is the B2B platform for one of the largest distributors of construction, workshop and welding equipment in Poland and a complete system for an automotive company which after the analytical stage is now being implemented.

Trends in system development

Among the most interesting trends we observed both on the market and when developing new systems, we can distinguish the penetration of the B2C related features, to the B2B systems. Apart from adapting an increasing number of functional solutions, it is also worth to highlight all aspects related to the usability and appearance of the systems. Currently, B2B systems, apart from their natural business features, are also characterized by easy management and ability to quickly adapt to new market expectations.

Strategic development of the organization

At the beginning of July, i-systems invested in a company specializing in blockchain technology. GamerHash, is a solution that uses the unused processing power on users’ computers. Currently, it is mostly used for legal mining of cryptocurrencies, but in the future it will be also used for CGI rendering or machine learning. In practice, this means that the shared processing power can be used to process animations and scenes using special effects, as well as improve the the data acquisition for the needs of the self-learning processes of computer programs. In addition to the direct investment, i-systems will also support GamerHash technologically. The company will use its experience in the area of transaction systems and will be responsible for expanding the e-commerce part of GamerHash. Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder made their investment before as well.

During the last quarter, i-systems team, represented the company in several events that blend business and technology. These were: InternetBeta, Shopping Centre Forum 2018 CEE Exhibition & Conference and E-commerce Expo in London.

If anyone missed us at any of the previous shows, we’ll be joining the VI Forum of Retail Channels 360, which will be held on 18 and 19 October in Warsaw, and at the Fashion Business Congress, planned for 25 October in Łódź. Both conferences will feature our presentations, focused on the modern day e-commerce systems. We will be also present at the eCommerce Fair in Warsaw, scheduled for November 7th. We encourage you to catch up with us there!

Internal quality improvement projects

The biggest internal change, was the one related to the organization of work of people involved in the implementation and development of the systems. We have been preparing for this change for a long time, so that the process would be smooth for all the involved parties. From now on, most of the work related to the IT-related projects will be carried out by the so-called contexts.

The background behind the creation of contextual teams is related to the … termination of the research and development department. This department consisted of highly skilled and competent people who where not, however, directly involved in any project. This organization had its advantages and disadvantages, both for internal product development and for the team members themselves. The change in our sales model associated with the launch of the CI-based solution has also affected the implementation and development model itself. In this model, the new system is implemented by many contexts, each one of which has the best knowledge of the specific issue and the product to which it has been assigned. Thanks to this, the knowledge in our organization is now more aggregated and arranged in an even more accessible way than before. Such work organization significantly accelerates the implementation process and improves the quality of our solutions.

Current context teams include Product Information Management, integration, order management, CRM, RMA, GUI, promotions and Shopapp app. We will be posting more about the contextual teams on our blog soon.

Selected awards

As our quarterly summary shows – the last months have been really intensive for us. Last but not least, we are proud to announce that at the beginning of September our company was awarded with the „Highest Quality” title in the Ambassador of the Polish Economy 2018 competition, organized by the Business Centre Club.

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