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The summary of Q4 2017 at i-systems

There is a lot of new energy after Christmas break in i-systems. But what was going on in the last three months of 2017? We invite you to read the summary of the last quarter of the past year. In the new year, the quarter summaries will be continued.

New projects

During the last months of the year, a ticket system for the service industry, that combines B2B and B2C models, has been implemented. Also, another two systems were created, one for Gastropuls from gastronomic industry, and the second for Secret Delivery from erotic industry.

Currently, we are working on implementations, which are the result of signed agreements in the Q4, for companies from the HoReCa and automotive industries.

A contract for business analysis has also been signed. It concerns designing B2B system that enables creating offers for customers and making purchases, through integration with many suppliers, including the commission system.

Trends in system development

Customer expectations change quickly and undoubtedly start to affect the approach to designing and implementing of e-commerce systems. The agile software development method becomes more and more popular. Its principles and values have been written in the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, and these are among others: regular delivery of subsequent parts of the work, the possibility of making changes at every stage of the project, close cooperation of the project team taking customer into account, and also focusing on the highest quality effect.

This approach doesn’t have to be applied only in software development. It can be also used, for instance, in the process of business analysis. Agile analysis can be pursued simultaneously to the implementation works and it can be performed, based on the cooperation with the customer and the entire implementation team. It provides information on project requirements in subsequent sprints. In other words, only the requirements for the next stages of work are discussed. When starting the agile analysis, it is important to define the system boundaries in its first phase and its functionalities according to the client’s expectations and needs.

Strategic development of the organization

The demand for professionals constantly grows in the i-systems company. Therefore, further actions were taken to encourage potential employees to submit their applications. This is why in the last three months, students from the School of Business in Dąbrowa Górnicza have visited i-systems. We had also an image campaign entitled „Do you see”. These and other activities have resulted in the employment of 12 new employees in the last quarter. Thus, right now the i-systems team equals over 100 people.

In the last quarter of 2017, the company’s representatives were present at industry events.  The aim was to expand brand awareness and create opportunities to meet new potential business partners. These events included, among others: the European Congress of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Targi eHandlu [eng. e-commerce fair], the Fashion Business Congress, and the event called Tailor-Made – Solutions for the fashion industry.

Presentation of e-commerce system implementation for Vistula case study Group S.A. during the eHandel Fair

Presentation of e-commerce system implementation for Vistula case study Group S.A. during the eHandel Fair

Internal projects for quality improvement

A mobile app, created by i-systems, is constantly being developed (how to use the app in omnichannel). The last significant change is the addition of the ability of browsing products and their categories without the need to log in. Previously, the application required logging in as soon as it was turned on.

The end of the year is a period of intense seasonal and holiday sales, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For this reason, i-systems activities were focused on improving performance tests (the process of preparing the system for heavy traffic) of e-commerce systems. They allow determining what the store’s endurance is, at a certain amount of traffic. These statistics are created based on the number of client requests per minute. When it is necessary to investigate whether the current amount of server resources is sufficient in relation to the planned traffic on the site, automatic performance tests are carried out, which are checked and analyzed by the i-systems tester. As a response, the client receives a report with the suggested amount of server resources, necessary for the proper functioning of the store.

Relic – the number of requests per minute

Relic – the number of requests per minute

Another interesting topic is the organization of Product Information Management. It is a system based on a central data repository, used to store information, among other things, about product attributes, media files, marketing descriptions or translations. The process of creating such a database consists of five stages. The benefits for companies are not only shorter Time to Market, but also data consistency in all sales channels, as well as reduction of costs related to the database creation process.

Internal work on Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery solutions is still being carried out. This is a new approach to the process of creating and developing e-commerce systems. There are plans to start first e-commerce systems based on the CI in the first quarter of 2018. We will write about these projects on i-systems communication channels. More about this solution can be read in the Research & Development tab – section Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.

Selected awards

The Ekomersy competition takes place every year and its aim is to award the best products and services supporting online commerce. The i-systems company has won in the Best Implementation Agency category. The award was granted for the implementation of e-commerce systems for the Vistula Group. You can read more about the competition and the results on our blog.

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