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Neness has launched a new online store

The new system created for Neness – a company which offers perfumes for man and woman – includes dedicated e-commerce solutions. These solutions support building loyalty among customers and accelerate the execution of complex orders. All the work on implementation was done by i-systems.

– We wanted our customers to feel comfortable while making purchases online. Therefore, delicate and clear layout was indispensable. We also paid special attention for the functionalities allowing a potential customer to easily find and buy the product he or she is looking for – says Edyta Brudny, Neness

Functionalities for quick shopping and efficient execution of orders

New e-commerce system has SOLR search engine, thanks to which customers can find their favourite fragrance by entering the name or the parameters of the product. System is also able to find the product, despite entering misspelled name, as the search engine will show products that are likely to interest the customer of an online store.

Brand-new online store is also equipped with Shipping Manager module. This functionality allows to pass an information about new parcel to Poczta Polska [Polish Post Office] and easyPack by InPost. Then, the module generates a label that should be placed on the package prepared for shipping. Normally, the customer data are entered manually, which can cause multiple errors. Shipping Manager module automates the entire process, reduces the time needed for package preparation and eliminates errors associated with wrong address data entering.

Solutions for loyal customers

Each customer feels appreciated when he or she gets additional discount or extra points, which can be exchanged for a gift. E-commerce system created for Neness has Discount Coupons Module, which are granted in exchange for signing up for the newsletter. This allows the company to obtain customer data and to invite customers to make a purchase in the online store. Another functionality is loyalty programme, allowing logged in customers to collect premium points for shopping. The administrator of the store can determine whether the points are granted for buying a specific product, or each product. In his or her panel, the customer can see the number of collected points, as well as things he or she can buy for those points.

A possibility to sale abroad

Neness online store is adjusted to cross-border sales. A customer cas choose language of the store: polish or english, he or she can also buy favourite perfumes in different currencies – PLN, GBP, EUR or USD, which for the foreign customer is great comfort.

Online store available here: www.en.neness.pl

The new image of BeanBrothers e-commerce system

The new e-commerce system for BeanBrothers has been created for the lovers of aromatic teas and coffees from all around the world. The new online store is a combination of an elegant graphic design, referring to the colors of the earth, and modern functionalities supporting online sales. All of the solutions were implemented within single idea – to create a place, where the customer can easily and comfortably purchase both favourite coffee and specialized equipment, needed wherever short black is brewed.

– Our online store has a lot of advanced functionalities, which facilitate making purchases for individual customers and business partners. We especially appreciate the integration with the accounting system, thanks to which we can execute orders much quicker – says Filip Sura, BeanBrothers

Solutions for efficient and flawless execution of orders

E-commerce system prepared for BeanBrothers offers high-quality tea and coffee, as well as grinders, coffee machines, and special accessories, such as filtering systems or dispensers. As the offer is directed either to B2C and B2B sector, it generates considerable traffic on the website. In order to ensure efficient execution of many orders, company’s representatives made a decision to integrate e-commerce system with Subiekt GT accounting system. Thanks to the implemented solution the situation when the customer orders unavailable product can be avoided.

The company also sells its products through Allegro auction portal. Wide range of products means a necessity to create multiple auctions with different parameters. Generating auctions “manually” can be burdensome and can cause many errors. Thanks to the automatized creation of auctions, only products which are available in BeanBrothers warehouse, are the subject of an auction.

Repair Management System

Repair Management System

Automatization of the Repair Management system

Except for products, BeanBrothers offers repairs of different kinds of coffee equipment. Every year, the brand gains new customers, so traditional completing of documents, related to possible equipment failure, would be time-consuming. Therefore, automatization of the Repair Management System was for company’s representatives of great importance.

A dedicated Repair Management System has been implemented in the new e-commerce system for BeanBrothers. Every coffee machine owner can now easily report failure directly through online store and order service. What the customer needs to do is simply fill a short form. On the basis of this information, accurate costs and repair time are given.

Information on stationary stores and discounts in exchange for signing up for the newsletter

Information on stationary stores and discounts in exchange for signing up for the newsletter

Modules aimed at improving customer service quality

An interesting solution which supports customer service quality is Abandoned Carts module. There are several reasons why customers do not finish their purchase transactions. They want to check the price of the competition or they just simply forgot about the order. Thanks to this solution, the administrator of the online store can set automatic e-mail reminder to people who did not finish their purchases during a specific amount of time. This module is a perfect remarketing tool, allowing low-cost reminder of the offer.

The customers who signed up for the newsletter were also well taken care of because of the additional discounts. Customers are reluctant to share their private e-mail addresses, however everyone likes to get bonuses. Module called “coupons for signing up for the newsletter” allows to create customers database at low cost. Customers, on the other hand, get additional percentage or amount discount for BeanBrothers online store.
Brand-new e-commerce system for BeanBrothers can be found here: www.beanbrothers.pl

i-systems release – version 4.3

Another version of our system has been released. This time, changelog reached a record number of 258 positions, such as: adding new full-text advanced search engine, redirection module, spam shield module, as well as HTTP Auth configurable authorization.  

What is advanced Solr search engine?

This module is an extension of an advanced product searcher (PAS), which uses Solr for searching. What is Solr? It is an efficient platform for full-text search. The previous version of the system was based on storing product data in database, however it was much slower. Solr is quicker than database query.


This option can be efficiently scalable and expandable, unlike the previous version, where additional queries were needed. In case of PAS module, all changes in product features had to be refreshed, so that data could be outdated. Now, they are being refreshed incrementally every 5 minutes, and all data is being refreshed every hour. This means that  the longest waiting time for this changes on frontend level is 5 minutes. Moreover, customers get Solr search engine bundled with version 4.3.

Redirection module

This module allows to create and import URL redirections from the panel level. The customers want to keep URL address, they had in the previous store, because of positioning. Therefore, we prepared a tool, which in a very universal way, deals with tasks, which until now have been carried out in an individual way.

Spam Shield Module

Spam Shield reduces email spam from the contact forms, as Internet bots send unwanted content. This protection is based on both analysis of the display time and time needed to send a form – to small interval alerts application to bot. Also, a hidden box has been added, the fulfillment of which will inform the system about the threat.

HTTP Auth configurable authorization

Along with the launching new versions of the multidomain stores, when the customer does not want the store to be indexed by Google, while working simultaneously with the current store, the module introduces an additional authorization for a particular domain. This means, that the stores continue working, and the module introduces an additional authorization, preventing content indexing by Google.

What else?

In addition, discount politics module has been updated. The following changes have been introduced: discount limit support, base price discount, improvement of Allegro cart price calculation, improvement of transport registration, transport surcharge support, and conditional coupons support. Release 4.3 also includes new options for logistics modules, and improvement of UX in the administration panel.