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Neness has launched a new online store

The new system created for Neness – a company which offers perfumes for man and woman – includes dedicated e-commerce solutions. These solutions support building loyalty among customers and accelerate the execution of complex orders. All the work on implementation was done by i-systems.

– We wanted our customers to feel comfortable while making purchases online. Therefore, delicate and clear layout was indispensable. We also paid special attention for the functionalities allowing a potential customer to easily find and buy the product he or she is looking for – says Edyta Brudny, Neness

Functionalities for quick shopping and efficient execution of orders

New e-commerce system has SOLR search engine, thanks to which customers can find their favourite fragrance by entering the name or the parameters of the product. System is also able to find the product, despite entering misspelled name, as the search engine will show products that are likely to interest the customer of an online store.

Brand-new online store is also equipped with Shipping Manager module. This functionality allows to pass an information about new parcel to Poczta Polska [Polish Post Office] and easyPack by InPost. Then, the module generates a label that should be placed on the package prepared for shipping. Normally, the customer data are entered manually, which can cause multiple errors. Shipping Manager module automates the entire process, reduces the time needed for package preparation and eliminates errors associated with wrong address data entering.

Solutions for loyal customers

Each customer feels appreciated when he or she gets additional discount or extra points, which can be exchanged for a gift. E-commerce system created for Neness has Discount Coupons Module, which are granted in exchange for signing up for the newsletter. This allows the company to obtain customer data and to invite customers to make a purchase in the online store. Another functionality is loyalty programme, allowing logged in customers to collect premium points for shopping. The administrator of the store can determine whether the points are granted for buying a specific product, or each product. In his or her panel, the customer can see the number of collected points, as well as things he or she can buy for those points.

A possibility to sale abroad

Neness online store is adjusted to cross-border sales. A customer cas choose language of the store: polish or english, he or she can also buy favourite perfumes in different currencies – PLN, GBP, EUR or USD, which for the foreign customer is great comfort.

Online store available here: