The summary of Q3 2017 at i-systems

July, August, September have passed. Hence it’s time for the next summary of the third quarter of 2017 at i-systems. The holiday months did not affect the pace of development of the organization.

New projects

Two companies made a decision to implement the system. One of them sells services using e-commerce and the other is engaged in a wide range of activities: from high-quality bathroom fixtures to home furnishings such as furniture, carpets, blankets, bedspreads and bathrobes to sports equipment. The mentioned system will allow sales in B2B and B2C model.

Another five companies invested in conducting a business analysis. Among them there are manufacturers of glass, electronics, as well as distributors of shoes and children’s articles.

Systems for the customers operating in furniture, interior and garden equipment sector, as well as those representing fashion industry, had its premieres. One of them was Vistula Group S.A. The project included the implementation of sales systems for three brands – Vistula, Wólczanka and W.KRUK. After a successful implementation, the company signed a contract with i-systems for further development.

The first stage of the new online system for W.KRUK is already behind us. Now it is time for systems’ development. We have plenty of interesting ideas, which will be put through systematically – commented after implementation Bartosz Twardosz, e-commerce manager at W.KRUK. 

Trends in system development

One of the trends that will significantly impact e-commerce will be m-commerce. However, it will not be understood as having a mobile website or using Responsive Web Design (which is a widely used standard in 2017). It will rather be understood as the combination of sales systems with the mobile application and the use of this connection as the next step in the implementation of the omnichannel strategy through retail networks. Currently, such work is being performed for one of i-systems customers.


Strategic development of the organization

With the rapid development of the company, the demand for professionals grows. Twelve months ago, i-systems employed 57 people. Today this number has risen to 93. It is because the company was joined by 18 men and 18 women, of whom 12 new people were employed in the third quarter.

Keeping in mind the development of IT professionals’ local market, „Vacation with Programming” – a course for beginners in programming – was organized at the end of July. Several people, who stood out of the crowd, were chosen to participate. Then, from the 13 topics available, participants chose the ones that were most interesting for them. For the next two weeks, our specialists shared their knowledge of, for instance, MySQL, Webservice and unit testing.

In order to optimize and facilitate the implementation work, a decision was made to divide the departments responsible for each stage into micro teams. From now on, each team is run by a Project Manager or Support Manager and consists of testers and programmers and any other required persons to perform the tasks. More information on the new work organization and its impact on customer solutions will be published on the i-systems blog.

Internal projects for quality improvement

The internal Research & Development team has been working on i-systems software long-term technology development projects. One of the issues is Continuous Integration, which means merging the results of the development team’s work to the main repository. Thanks to CI, the customer will have constant access to the latest version of the system, it will also increase the efficiency of the developers’ work and database security.

R&D team works also on the new desktop application. This project is based on the latest Angular framework. This client application communicates with the store via the REST API. The project is built independently of the server and the only common line of communication is API, which makes development and maintenance of the application more efficient. Separation of the backend and frontend will make introducing changes faster and easier. Angular, a powerful JavaScript framework, allows building web, mobile and desktop applications. Applications built in Angular consist of components, services, directives and other available solutions. Angular uses dependency injection and module division, allowing developers to have greater control over the responsibility of individual application components. The most popular tool for building mobile applications is Ionic, which is created in Angular itself. Ionic is a rich framework for building hybrid mobile applications, that use the power of native features and a mix of web technologies like Angular, SCSS and HTML.

The work of R&D team is aimed at improving the quality of delivered solutions.

Selected awards

In the last three months i-systems has been awarded twice. In the plebiscite, organized by the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Gliwice and the Marshal’s Office of the Silesian Voivodeship, i-systems company was honored with the title „Marka Śląskie” [Silesian Brand] in the Service category. In September, i-systems received the title of „Ambassador of the Polish Economy” in the 9th edition of the competition organized by BCC.

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