Be ready for heavy traffic on Black Friday – run the performance tests of the e-commerce system

Seasonal sales, Black Friday, or just increased traffic in the online store. If you don’t have enough server resources, the sale, which was supposed to bring profits – will come to naught. This is because every sales system has a different need for server resources. At the moment when there are not enough resources, access to the store may be difficult for customers. However, we have a solution for this problem.

Performance tests, also known as load tests, check the performance of a given sales system. In other words, they let you determine what is the store’s endurance for a particular traffic. Such statistics are created on the basis of the number of client requests per minute.


The owner of the sales system can monitor the amount of current server resources in his panel. When it is necessary to investigate whether they will be sufficient in the expected period of increased traffic, i-systems testers prepare appropriate performance tests in which they imitate the exemplary way of how a potential customer navigates the site. Such action can be entering the home page, listing of products or categories, or adding products to the cart. This applies to both logged-in and non-logged users. Performance tests can be carried out on an unlimited number of requests.

Relic - the number of requests per minute

Relic – the number of requests per minute

Load tests are performed automatically, and server security is constantly monitored. After testing, the JMeter tool generates a report in a CSV file with a summary. The file contains the type of request and codes specifying the correctness or error in the operation of the system. The tester checks and analyzes the report based on Relic – a tool for traffic diagnostics, and adds his comments. Then, the administrator suggests the amount of resources necessary for the proper functioning of the store. If the demand for resources is much larger than expected, a wider interference in the cloud infrastructure is necessary. The report is passed on to the i-systems customer, who decides if he wants to increase the amount of resources.


At the time of rapid business development and the growing number of requests, it is worth monitoring resources and protecting against possible difficulties in accessing the sales system. Thanks to traffic diagnostics on the website, clear information about the recommended amount of server resources is obtained, allowing you to deal with large traffic on the website. After a period of increased traffic, there is a possibility to return to the previous state or decide to make changes permanently. With the right amount of resources, the owner can be sure that his online store will be available, for instance during seasonal sales or sales peaks.

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