The summary of Q2 2018 at i-systems

Upcoming holidays do not mean e-commerce actions will slow down. Actually, on the contrary, it is the best time to prepare and implement new solutions before the peak period for most e-commerce companies. Here is an overview of the last quarter in the daily life of i-systems.

New projects

The second quarter of the year brought a number of new contracts. Except for those strictly connected with online sales and customers switching to continuous integration, it is worth paying attention to new analytical projects. The analysis was made for a company specializing in thermal insulation distribution and a company that supplies tools and machines for construction and heavy industry. These contracts show great demand related to trade and distribution solutions.

Trends in system development

Among the most interesting trends observed on the market and while working on particular systems, we can distinguish widely understood integrations. Our recent work in this field covered, for instance, warehouse and accounting programs of the Asseco group. A large part also concerns and will concern integration with the marketplace, which is an external system that aggregates offers from different places. Integration with marketplace means a couple of challenges, such as two-way inventory integrations or automatic display and removal of offers, according to the previously adopted sales logic.

Strategic development of the organization

In the second quarter of the year, representatives of i-systems participated in several business and technology events, such as Retail Marketing Forum, XIV Targi eHandlu [en. XIV E-commerce Fairs], E-commerce Innovations, E-commerce B2B and E-commerce Universe. During enlisted events, we focused on educating the market and presenting the effects of research & development team. Continuous integration was the most frequently discussed topic. It is a response to quickly changing market expectations, as well as the desire to have a constantly developed and up-to-date e-commerce system.

Conversations during E-commerce Fairs

Conversations during E-commerce Fairs

Internal projects for quality improvement

Among the internal projects developed in the last three months, the Progressive Web App can be distinguished. This solution is designed to provide the customer with the best experience, regardless of which device he or she uses. This idea at first glance has a lot to do with Responsive Web Design. However, the solution has a deeper purpose than just displaying things correctly on every available device. Its main goal is to significantly improve the efficiency and speed of the system, by changing the organization of tasks performed by its frontend and backend parts.

Selected awards

At the beginning of April, i-systems was awarded in the FT1000 ranking. The ranking is being prepared by the Financial Times – one of the most opinion-forming global economic and financial magazines in cooperation with Statista Research Institute – a leading provider of data on markets and consumers. The company’s place in the ranking is determined by the increase in revenues that the company reported in the years 2013-2016.

In addition, it is worth mentioning the appearance of i-systems in the ranking of the 500 best providers of B2B solutions from Poland and Ukraine, responsible for the design and development of IT systems. The ranking was prepared by the Clutch agency.

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