The summary of Q1 2018 at i-systems

It appears that 2018 will be a year of big technological changes in e-commerce. The first quarter has already proven that. We invite you to read the summary of the first three months of the year.

New projects

The most interesting projects from the first quarter of the year, mainly concerned B2B solutions. One of them is the system for one of the largest importers and distributors in the Polish HoReCa industry. The second project concerns a company dealing with the production and distribution of chimney and ventilation systems. The scope of this system includes both B2B and B2C solutions.

Another of the key projects concerns the omnichannel solution for one of the well-known Polish brands, with approximately 100 offline stores located throughout the country. In January, work for the automotive sector has also begun. Details of the solutions will be published in the next quarterly summaries.

Trends in system development

A large part of the most important consumer ratings of online stores relates to time and quality of delivery. On the other hand, more and more often companies do not want to freeze revenues for storing products. Dropshipping meets those expectations. Dropshipping is a warehouse policy model in which the shipment of the order to the customer takes place on the side of the producer, distributor or wholesaler. While the role of the online store is focused on activities aimed at encouraging purchase, order acceptance and redirection of information to a business partner for the purpose of shipping. The adoption of such model has many benefits. It is a way to expand the offer of an online store with an assortment of many manufacturers, and also it allows it to reduce the costs associated with the storage and transport of goods.

In order to implement dropshipping in e-commerce, it is initially required to download information about products from the business partner’s website and to map them to the sales system. This process must be repeatable because the manufacturer’s product range changes. Then, data on categories, VAT rates and margins for individual products or entire categories are verified.

In addition to the standard solution, some brands implement and use the so-called reverse dropshipping. It means selling brand’s own products to other online stores, which are then selling them to the target customers. This sales policy is a good choice when the brand wants to exist on the foreign market through its partners.

Strategic development of the organization

Part of the company’s activities is aimed at people interested in working in i-systems. Among such activities, in the last three months, „Programming holidays”, for those who wanted to start an adventure with IT can be mentioned, along with the study visits. Recently, we hosted students from WSB in Chorzów and Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, Katowice department.

Classes during "Programming holidays"

Classes during „Programming holidays”

In the last quarter, the company’s representatives were also present at industry events. These included E-commerce EXPO in Berlin and the E-commerce Trends conference. During those events, ideas and solutions have been presented that will have a major impact on e-commerce in the near future.

Internal projects for quality improvement

The Research & Development team is working on the development of Continuous Integration capabilities. Creating systems in this method allows faster launching of individual functionalities or even the entire systems. An example of such an action is the launch of a ticket booking system for Termy Bania, which took only a month.

We are also working on client’s transition to CI solutions. The Polish company – Dalia – decided to take such step.

Another project that is being developed, is a web application for an online store, built using Angular tools in RWD and PWA technology. The logic of these works boils down to making the storefronts independent of the server part. The aim of the activities is to increase the client’s positive experience by improving the efficiency of the system and enabling the easier introduction of new mechanisms. The web application is also built based on the Continuous Integration method.

Selected awards

In the first quarter, the company’s „hall of fame” expanded by two positions. The first of these was the nomination in the Mobile Trends Awards competition in the „m-commerce” category for a mobile application, created for the brand.

In addition, at the beginning of March, Inc. Magazine published a ranking of 5000 fastest-growing private companies in Europe. In this year’s ranking, i-systems was listed for the first time, with a growth rate of 183%. Details of the ranking can be found here.

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