Release i-systems core 4.6

The needs of the owners of online sales systems are constantly changing. New functionalities are being developed to increase sales and efficiency of internal and external activities of the business. For this reason, i-systems regularly updates the core version of the system. In response to changing e-commerce trends, release 4.6 has been created.

Dictionary Module

The translation module of the online store has been moved to the admin panel, where you can edit the translations into the appropriate language. The way of adding new and editing current translations has been greatly improved. Once downloaded, the translation is cached, saving the time and resources. The solution also helps to keep control of repetitions and eliminates conflicts when updating your store.


The Calendar module has been expanded with new functionalities. Now you can add access privileges to groups and users of the calendars. The ability to automatically create calendars has also been added. For the record, the Calendar Module is a place that gathers all dates, associated with a given user, in one place. There can be entered meetings with customers, deadlines for individual tasks, passing deadlines to respond to complaints. With this module you can also track holidays, sick leaves, remote work, reservations of conference rooms, business cars or equipment.

Other solutions within this release

In addition, a discount delegate has been added to the discount policy module, which enables giving discount for product recommendation on Facebook. More about the discount policy module can be read under this link.  

There is also a new solution that allows to combine all the customer orders with the same email address, even without registration in the system database. Orders are assigned to a single account, and after registration, the entire order history, even those submitted before the account was created, is available.

The release is an update of the base version of the e-commerce system, where the new functionalities are regularly added. Thanks to the update, it is possible to develop the system and adapt it to the changing market. It is also possible to update dedicated solutions in subsequent releases.

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