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Matching recommended products depending on the weather

Selling seasonal products is still a challenge for online stores. In this case, the demand lasts from 3 to 4 months, so the time limitation forces sales optimization. Integration of the online store with Weather Module is the solution. Its sales effectiveness can be seen especially in the following sectors: clothing, cosmetics and outdoor.

Even well-planned advertising campaign can not bring expected results if the offer of an online store is not personalized. An effective solution is a combination of measures and tools for matching product offerings to customer needs in real time. Dedicated Weather Module offers the choice of products, depending on the location, type of weather, temperature and sex.

Advantages of Weather Module

The solution can be used in two ways. In the first case, the system indicates the appropriate products on the basis of geolocation specified by the customer. A forecast service, configured with an online store, makes data updates on the prevailing weather conditions in different localizations exactly every hour. In the second case, the customer determines the weather, for which he would like to find the relevant products.


Online stores, equipped with Weather Module, facilitate shopping for their customers, for which components of the product and its use under varying weather conditions play an important role. Weather Module will help people traveling to different climate zones – select products from the appropriate categories, to suit the prevailing weather conditions at a particular location in the best way.


Weather Module has three functions: basic – sales function (in real time) and two additional: it builds loyalty among customers and develop cross-selling. The last function allows to determine products in order to increase sales records, by offering complementary products. For example: someone who bought ski goggles may also need windstopper gloves and skipass holders.


Implementation requires from the administrator to enter a category of products, that will be displayed, depending on the selected weather or city. In the tab of the product to be matched to the weather, it is worth choosing several options, among others: availability – whether the product is to be available in search by weather; category – whether the product is for man, woman; kind of weather – cloudy, sunny, rainy; temperature – temperature range for the specific product. Full configuration of the module allows the customer to search, for instance, all the rainproof clothes for women. In addition, Weather Module is equipped with mass editor, which allows mass attribution of the parameters to the specific groups of products. It is a convenient and time-saving functionality for the administrator of an online store. The module makes a weather updates every hour. Weather forecasts are configured with service, making the solution ideal for travel planning in different latitudes.