Archiwum autora: Marta Frania

The new SaaS definition

Technology is an area where changes take place almost every day. Systems, especially those intended for online sales, both in the B2B and B2C model, are regularly enriched with new functionalities or changes in the specificity of those already existing. All this is conditioned by the constantly growing needs of the customers.

At i-systems, since the beginning, the main idea behind the implementation of all projects is quality. Providing clients with the best technological solutions is the basis of our work. In November 2016, we came up with the idea to set up a team of developers responsible for implementing the Continuous Integration method.

The most important task of this department has been the effective implementation of this method and enabling i-systems customers to continuously develop their sales systems. The CI method is based on joint work of a team of developers who introduce changes continuously, merging them every few minutes. Working together on the code affects its highest quality and makes it consistent, the next benefit is that the system is able to work effectively for many years.

The first store based on Continuous Integration was implemented by i-systems in May 2017. Currently, in our portfolio, we have as many as 16 online stores launched in the CI method, and their number is constantly growing.

For a brand, the implementation of CI means:
– systematic development of the online sales system with innovative functionalities created in cooperation with the R&D
– ensuring security by performing automated tests thanks to which only fully verified elements are introduced to the system
– even faster time to market understood as a transition from the concept of functionality to the implementation
– guarantee of the system provider’s responsibility for the quality of the solution based on the tested elements
– predictable cost of e-commerce system development thanks to precisely defined conditions of cooperation
– sustainable and constant development of the e-commerce system

The constant addition of new elements and functionalities to the system has made it necessary to change the business model used so far. This is how the concept of the model called ‚Dedicated SaaS’ emerged. It turns out that dedicated solutions and those offered in the SaaS model are not mutually exclusive, and even perfectly harmonize with each other. The combination of these e-commerce models provides customers with a completely new quality and makes it possible not only to use their advantages but also to eliminate the disadvantages.

As a result, we get an innovative system model that is characterized by:
– lower cost of software implementation and development
– the possibility of creating dedicated solutions
– access to all functionalities offered by the software provider
– fast Time to Market
– the ability of long-term development

What’s important, the dedicated SaaS is a guarantee of lowering the initial investment cost of the project, and the use of this business model ensures that the client is fully protected. When the client decides to self-host and maintain the software, he or she has the option to purchase the license of the solution they already use.

Continuous Integration is the future of e-commerce. The i-systems company as the first on the market, through the use of CI practice, offers a sales system developed as a dedicated SaaS. Thanks to this method, customers have stable and always up-to-date systems, allowing for many years of development and strengthening of their market position.

The i-systems company listed in FT1000 ranking

On April 6th, 2018, in cooperation with the Financial Times and Statista, the ranking of 1000 fastest growing enterprises in Europe was published for the second time. The i-systems company that creates dedicated e-commerce software once again found its place in this classification.

FT1000 is a prestigious ranking created in cooperation with the Financial Times – one of the world’s largest economic and financial magazines, published for 160 years, and Statista Research Institute – a leading provider of data on markets and consumers. It provides an interesting perspective on the development of enterprises, as well as the values and the risks associated with it.

The company’s place in the ranking is determined by the increase in revenues that the company reported in the years 2013-2016. In order to qualify for participation in the ranking, enterprises had to generate revenues in excess of €100,000 in 2013, while in 2016, their revenues had to exceed the threshold of €1,500,000. According to data provided by Financial Times and Statista, the average value of i-systems revenues, in 2013-2016, has increased by 44.4%. The fact that the company has been listed as one of the 1000 fastest growing enterprises in Europe is not only a huge success but also a sign that the quality of its operations matches the most valued players on the market.

This year, as in the previous edition, the leading position in the ranking was recorded by companies from England (there were as many as 74 companies representing this country on the list). In the FT1000 ranking, countries such as France and Italy were also represented by many companies. Poland in this classification was represented by 18 companies.

You can read the full list of companies that qualified for FT1000 at The entire ranking will also be attached as a supplement to the paper edition of the Financial Times, which will be released on April 30th.