The summary of Q1 2017 at i-systems

In the life of every business, also in this operating in the e-commerce sector, the beginning of the year is a very intense time. Here are the highlights of the last quarter in i-systems. The next summaries will be delivered each quarter of the year.

New projects

At the beginning of the year, 6 contracts were signed with the new customers for the implementation and development of the sales systems. Four of them are related to solutions for B2B sector. These companies operate in the fields of construction, cosmetic, marketing, as well as distribution for the chemical, petrochemical, energy industries and also food industry.

The work begins with a business analysis. More about i-systems business analysis can be found on our website.

Trends in system development

Based on the market observations and repetitive developments in i-systems, we will be presenting market needs and trends. In Q1 the connection between online and offline, as well as the usage of the omnichannel potential is the most important matter. At the beginning of the year, the functionalities that strengthen multi-channel sales were implemented, among others in: 5.10.15. or R-GOL, where the availability of the product at the stationary store can be checked through the online store.

Development of the organization

For the development of our own products and our customers’ systems, a larger team is needed. In Q1, the representatives of i-systems were present at the events of the Faculty of Automatics, Electronics and Informatics of the Silesian University of Technology, as well as at the Engineering Job Fair in Gliwice. Among other things, these activities led to the fact that in the first three months of this year, our team had grown by 12 people. The IT department and the software testing department has expanded the most. Further recruitment is planned, mainly in product and solutions departments at i-systems. Continuous recruitment allows for the development of software and creating new teams, designated for the implementation of specific projects.

Internal projects for quality improvement

The most important change in the first quarter is full support for internal processes related to the long-term work planning for our Customers. The resource planner is integrated with all company tools and internal workflow.


Planner allows reserving working time for customers who then take priority over work on the system. This tool is and will be used throughout all company work.

In February, a new version of the mobile app was launched. Its most important advantage is the constant connection with the e-commerce system and its management from the same panel. The new version is now available in App Store and Google Play. More can be found on i-systems blog.

New cloud resources are available for the current and new Customers. New disks and more powerful processors have been purchased, and the infrastructure has been replaced. In addition, the network has been upgraded to 10 Gbps. As a result, cloud support will be at a higher level.

In order to pursue the effective support for each sector of trade, i-systems has started the cooperation with the Polish Council of Shopping Centers (abbrv. PRCH). PRCH is the largest organization in Poland, associating over 240 companies related to the industry of shopping centers and shopping streets. PRCH is a not-for-profit association that has been operating since 2003 and it is a national partner of the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC).

As a member of the Polish Council of Shopping Centers, we have many new opportunities. First and foremost, we want to show that it is possible to connect the online and offline worlds – states Krzysztof Jaciw, CFO at i-systems.

The first implementation of the e-commerce solution for the shopping center in the CEE region is FASHION HOUSE Online Shopping. More about this implementation can be found on i-systems website.

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