New lookbook = higher conversion

At the end of 2016, the i-systems company introduced new lookbook. Lookbook is a photo gallery, presenting a product collection of the designer or a brand. Interactive version of this tool has multiple features, both from the administrator’s and customer’s point of view.

“Natural environment” of the product

New lookbook directs the user from multimedia product gallery, straight to the product page. The customer, while viewing products on models, has a direct possibility to click on the specific image or product and place an order. Hence, there is no need to search for the product by catalogues, categories or tabs. There are two advantages of this solution: firstly, the customers can see the product in its “natural environment”. Therefore, they are able to check how the chosen product looks like in reality and make a fair assessment. Secondly, shorter path to purchase is a more efficient way to conversion.

Interactive gallery

When it comes to the functionalities of the administrative panel, lookbook gives unlimited possibilities of product presentation. The most important tasks of lookbook include: the ability to create any number of categories and subcategories. You can also assign multiple lookbooks to a single category, and add multiple images to a single interactive gallery. There is also a possibility to assign a number of products to given photo in lookbook and to determine the date of publication.

New lookbook – what does it mean?

Lookbook attracts customer’s attention for longer period of time because of the new kind of interaction. In the latest version of lookbook, a new design and layout were created, to build the position of the brand on the market more efficiently. In addition, the new version draws more attention, because of the simplified navigation on the site, shortening the path to purchase.

Adjusting to individual needs of the brand

Every lookbook is a very flexible tool and significantly influences buying decisions. Therefore, its layout and navigation have to be adjusted each time to individual needs of the brand, the size of the collection and target group.

While making a decision to implement Lookbook module to online store, it is worth remembering to create several dedicated options for different occasions. It is also important to make the layout variable. This affects the better performance, which leads to conversion. Lookbook is a form of professional portfolio, which serves fashion bloggers in communication from several years. When it comes to e-commerce, especially the fashion industry, it is based on this type of modules, because the seasonality of products is what matters, as well as offer transparency and easy navigation on the site.

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