i-systems release – version 4.0 Black Adder

This year’s next release is already available: it is the first eCommerce system upgrade marked with 4. The number alteration was caused by two factors: a complete change of the administration panel design and the creation of a shop with the Git version control system.
Beginning with version 4.0, every subsequent version is going to have a unique name serving purely informative and identification purposes. The most significant changes in Black Adder are as follows:

Creating a new administration panel design

The administration panel for our customers required renewal. The design and frontend team was entrusted with a task of creating a new panel which would have a simple layout, be functional and comply with i-systems identification spirit. After an analysis of requirements, the design team created project UI, i.e. basic colors, typography, logos, icons and other graphic elements connected with the panel.


The next works concerned the implementation of the new panel. The result is a modern interface with perfected details which puts emphasis on easy handling of the eCommerce system.


Adding a call center module

i-systems integrates eCommerce with other sale environments because this is what the market and the customers require. Thus, a call center module has appeared in release 4.0 Black Adder. It is an expanded, advanced module combined with information about customers, products, orders, returns and stocks. It allows for conducting telemarketing from the browser.


Moreover, the call center module is integrated with the B2B module, a calendar and a flow diagram. The latter enables the user to create a conversation scenario for a given campaign; such a scenario is very useful to people making the conversation and can be created and edited independently in each campaign.


The call center consultants see conversation stages and click appropriate buttons depending on the course of the conversation, thus making it proceed according to the previously defined scenario.

During the conversation, the consultants can also view the information about the products and their stocks as well as plan subsequent conversations since the module is linked with the calendar. If a given date and time selected by the user is already booked in his/her calendar, the module suggests the next free date and time every 15 minutes.

The call center employee can use the module to check a customer’s purchase history, open a new order form, write a remark in the form, place a marking which shows if an order was generated during the task as well as set the date and time of the next contact.

The module can also record the task time from the moment of opening to saving by the employee as well as verify the list of tasks with an appropriate mode in order to include them on the list of automatic calls at a given number on a specified date and time.

Improvement of basket UX with special consideration for displaying promotional prices and product discounts

We are aware of the importance of the basket in the entire purchase process, so we continuously introduce small corrections which increase its effectiveness. Release 4.0 Black Adder has an improved price display which takes into account additional discounts and rebates. Owing to this change, the basket view is more transparent.

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